Reader's Reactions


“A beautiful bedtime story. My daughter and I enjoyed this book very much.”

—Florence J. Klarson, Foxborough, Massachusetts


“Colorful and well written. This book teaches both parents and their kids about the importance of imagination and taking care of each other.”

—Ivy M. Schaefer, Monroe, Los Angeles


“I was looking for a book for my little princess when I came across this one. Both my child and I really like this book. The lessons are great.”

—Maria P. McKay, Greensboro, North Carolina

Emily And The Feel-Better Fairy

About the Book

How does a child deal with being bedridden? Emily, a sweet but sickly little girl, was hurting and lonely while being hospitalized. She wished for the pain to go away. She used her imagination to soothe her pain. Soon, the Feel-Better Fairy appeared to her and granted her wish. They went on amazing adventures, day after day. She danced with fireflies, causing her to break a sweat in the real world. For days, her magical adventure continued, and with it, she started to recover in real life. Join Emily as her imagination takes her to magical adventures.

Ziva Reuben

About the Author

Born on a collective farm, Bibbutz Shfatim, in Israel in 1940, Ziva Reuben’s parents were pioneers. They were one of the first people who came to Israel from Eastern Europe.

She moved to the United States in 1983. Taking after her father, Ziva is an artist and a storyteller. She enjoys spending her free time gardening and going outdoors. She lives in Culver City, California, and frequently spends her time with her two daughters and grandson.


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